Work on your business; not your to do list

As a business owner your time is invaluable

There's a myriad of things you need to get done every day. And whilst your more than capable of doing them all, it can be exhausting.

Whilst all these tasks need to get done, they distract you from doing what's really important - be it supporting and interacting with your clients; developing your product or working on your vision.

It's common to think that you can't afford a VA; but there is truth in the saying "time is money".

By delegating the minutiae and adminstrative tasks to me, you can focus your time and energy on what really matters... building your business

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CK Lee (Founder)

Amanda helped migrate Taggun's website content to WordPress. She was efficient and resourceful. There were a few difficult technical tasks in the project, but Amanda was able to work through them with minimal assistance. She would research and learn about the task to make progress; and even completed the project faster than was estimated. Great to have Amanda on the team! [2019]


James Staples

Fernwood Projects (Director)

Amanda stepped in when my workload as a freelancer increased. I soon found out what a huge help she was - freeing me up to do other work. Thoroughly professional, she picked up what needed doing quickly and got the work done promptly and efficiently. She was flexible and adaptable and the results have been really impressive. Both my clients and I have been delighted. [2019]

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Wendi Croft

Compac (GM GLobal Health & Safety)

I had the privilege of having Amanda in my team for three years and would absolutely recommend her for any activity, task, career or as part of any team. Amanda takes on any new task with a smile, throwing in ideas to make it even better and with an absolute sense of efficiency and eagerness to make the experience great for everyone involved. Amanda will take initiative where she finds opportunity to improve things and never has to be asked twice. Her skills as a safety professional in her own right are absolutely understated and her passion for sustainability brings a good balance. Together Amanda and I were able to create a world class safety programme in three languages globally in just 12 months - no small task and one that is only achievable in a supportive, collaborative and consultative environment. Amanda is well liked by everyone who works with her yet she is also strong enough to put up her hand when things don't look right or there could be a better way to accomplish the same outcome. Amanda is an absolute asset to any team or organisation. [2017]

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